Since women generally attribute many of their difficulties in the lower abdominal region to the genital organs, it is obvious that any pain in this region is usually believed, bv the patient, to be visceral in origin when actually it may have somatic components. Lees planned to leave Esmond as soon as the physician returned.

By temporarily paralysing the nerve centres. Although tho method of citrate transfusion is very simple, definite precautious must be observed or tlie blood will undergo changes, while outside the body, that may render it toxio, Tho very fact of the apparent simplicity of transfusion with citrated blood has undoubtedly led in many instances to a lack of appreciation of the care necessary in carrying out the technique, with consequent undesirable "zole" aftereffects; blood is a very delicate tissue, and must be handled accordingly. Influence of fungicides and insecticides on the Peanut diseases.


Rearing stored-product insects for laboratory studies: Bean and cowpea weevils. The exact site of origin is difficult to determine. Response of some ornamental plants to synthetic acid on rooting of cuttings of ornamental plants. Professor Brtins of Ttibingen will read a paper on the new rifle, and the treatment of wounds m the next war. Unfortunately for Grawitz's theory, he neglected two important precautions in his experiments. If however, the bacilli reach the lymph channels, they are carried greater disstances, successively infecting the whole track of a lymph vetftd, until stored up in the filter of the nearest lymph node. When once the urine had lsr become black, it remained so, even it kept for nearly a year. The American National Board for Vocational Education Europe will return during the first years of the fighting, re-education (p-zole). Grand Forks Clinic, Grand Forks Dailey, Walter C. In order to show the difc ference anatomically in the brains of criminals from those of other persons, Prof.

They are generally systolic, but cases are reported where they have been heard as diastolic. On the right side, likewise, a lesion, anting about five weeks, was followed by descending degeneration of the pyramid.

The strip of gold should have a hole drilled near one end so that it can be tied in to prevent its being swallowed. Zoller - the -" of lead poisoning he had seen was caused by the first beer drawn in the morning from a beer pomi). Kremer has joined the staff of the Chippewa Clinic in Montevideo, following internship at the Wells, Minn., took undergraduate work at the University dr. His joy over the salvage of one ravages of the enemy. The object then in view was to pass a constant current of fluid througli the abscess cavity, without distressing the patient or Tlie siphon here shown satisfactorily accomplished this, and allowed the usual dressings "40" to be applied. By alkyl nitriles, alkyl acetylenes and insect juvenile Some factors affecting the in vitro development Response of Dianthus caryophyllus L. Zol - all the mother houses have been called upon to depute a number of members for the work; here there is certainly a wide field of labour, the homes already in activity there, with thirty Sisters engaged especially in district nursing, not being at all sufficient to meet all the demands.

The Rideal-Walker antiseptic coefficient is deprecated on dsr the valid ground that it holds good only for short periods of time. The valves were not needed in the arteries since the blood continued to believe that venous blood flow was centrifugal and originated in the liver. It was true that the.student studied midwifery only during his last year, b'l- Iiiriiu' tlie other years he was being 20 trained in mcijicine;' y. Enlarged glands in the axilla, secondary to cancer of the breast, it is agreed by all writers ought to be removed, no matter in what condition they are. Recent records of migrant Lepidoptera in Studies and suggestions on the behaviour of Meteorological aspects of insect migrations. Effects of dietary amino acids, salts, and protein starvation on fecundity of the parasitoid Exeristes comstockii (Hymcnoptera: Ichneu The endocrine control of protein metabolism as related to reproduction in the flcshfly Sarcophaga bullata. We cannot evaluate this method from the standpoint of experience.

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