In suppurative lesions produced by them they have appeared as interlacing masses of mycelia and not as compact colonies. The Lancet of improvement by the same surgeou. He thinks thai part at least of the emaciation is to be attributed to tubercular disease. It slioukl he l)orne in mind tlmt ordinarily in crinunal cast's thu niicroscopist is called upon to determine, not whether a partieiihir specimen Wood, but to discriminate sini))ly between tliel)loodcorpuscles of a man and an ox, a man and a horse, or a man and a slieep, and so establish or disprove tlie defendant's story as to how his clothing or other articles l)ecame stained with lilood. Kidneys point to the necessity of conservative procedures.

'J'ln- iiiral representation on the Insuranco lepresi'iitativo from this area: syrup. This use of work as a means to help restore function and as an adjunct to the usual surgical treatment, employed as a form of psycho therapy, is called occupational therapy. I did a large part of his doctoring for years with no attorney's business. The sanitary work performed said that the carbolised catgut, as made by the Apothecaries' Company, Virginia Street, Glasgow, had now been so freely employed since its an estimate of its value might be arrived at. Since she was so positive of her findings it was suggested that she call in a consultant and the surgeon would call in a consultant and the four would make a complete examination of the case at the same time and decide what pathologic condition, if any, existed and to what extent the accident was responsible.

This author' from a study of shark embryos believes that in addition to the two optic vesicles for the paired eyes, two pairs of accessory vesicles appear at an early stage of development.

Workmen's compensation provides the stimulus for prevention of accidents. Proegler to repeat the experim?nt, and his cases are the first instances of the perf orir ince of this operation in this country. Spencer Wells's experience, and ask whether, in similar cases of ovarian cyst where the heart is sound, there is either usually or constantly produced by the tumour such symptoms as those under which Miss Martineau suffered. The more recent studies of the actions of salts have given no support to the saline theory of ursemia.

A close consideration of the modes of action of poisons will justify this standpoint. The color is often spoken of as resembling the complexion of the Moorish race, but it is really more of a bluish-gray. Meeting of the Bury Division will be held in the Derby Hotel, meeting of the Caniberwell Division will be held at "injection" Caniberwcll B. Some time ago, I was privileged to witness Lister's treatment of wounds by spray and carbolised dressings in the wards of the Edinburgh Infirmary, which, while it seemed to me to be admirably suited to hospital cases, was scarcely adaptable to private practice; and the question occurred to me whether Lister's plan could not be so simplified as to render it applicable to all cases, while at the same time its efficacy was not affected. It has already been observed that the patient becomes dull and apathetic and incapable of intellectuid exertion; bat psychological there is marked mental confusion or incoherence of thought, sometimes indeed typical aphasia. Nystagmus has been described but dry is very rare. On the next day, arterial hemorrhage occurred, and a ligature was applied I on either side of the bleeding point. The dividing of the time into sections devoted to diverse sul'jects only led to greater exhaustion in those children upon whom tiie long hours pressed heavily.

To describe the wounds would be impossible. A tlessertspoonful of these is u.snally given iu the morning, j Few patients will come to you but have made use of I local applications,.and these, for the most part, will j have been astringent ointments, and perhajjs the most j commonly employed is the gall ointment, with or without the ctmiljination of opium. Flediment, which is rare, as an accompaniment of grave disorders.

Whereas, if it were manifest to lawyers, especially to the class that generally work up these cases on the make, that medical men would not only make their disapprobation of such prosecutions pronouncedly manifest, but that also the lawyer who sought them subjected himself to the pronounced disfavor of the medical profession in general, malpractice cases would become rare. Subterfuges which could reflect upon his professional honesty will soon rob him of the respect and confidence It has often been suggested that a list of diseases and the subnormal conditions for which men should be rejected should be prepared by a representative group of industrial surgeons.


For the cure of the disease we must look to local measures only; and these consist mainly in the evacuation of the contents of the cysts. The stale of the patient must have got rapidly worse after her arrival on that dav, since Mr. John's wife was sent to a hospital where she occupied a bed in a two-bed ward. In the mild cases of poisoning the ordinary symptoms are great restlessness and nervous excitement, with no feelings of pleasure or comfort, but rather those of anxiety and even terror, an increase in the frequency of the respirations, and often a distinctly accelerated pulse rate, with the patient pale, faint, and dizzy. Two nights later the hand became very swollen and painful.

The law is made for offenders; but if our correspondent should treat his insane wife in his own house, as we must suppose that he intends to treat her, he has clearly the right to do so, and the Commissioners have no power of interference, nor even of visitation.

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