Thornton was instrumental in bringing forward certain charges against the management of the Throat Hospital, I beg to state that the charges submitted to the Court of Inquiry, of which the Duke of Grafton was president, were, at the request of that Court of Inquiry, submitted by myself and Mr. The best splints were procured from young poplars eight or ten inches in diameter, and being prepared by taking off the rough outer bark and drying it under press, it proved to be both light and strong, and with a natural curvature which easily encased the limb. But in this case there was_no dyspnoea and no lividity. The wall metnils of the left auricle was smooth, white and opaque. In the meantime the point is to recall the blood from the upper to the lower extremities. Histologically the nodules showed a structure similar to that cream found in the granulomata. He had carefully considered the subject, and would be glad of an efficient method of Umitiug penalties if it could be done consistently with the carrying out of the vaccination laws. I gave him the usual directions about attention to the bowels, avoidance of excesses in eating and diinking, advised him to rise early, take exercise before breakfast, times a day for a week.

There was no previous trauma to the arm. The loss by vomiting, or by brisk purging, of a pint or more of this profuse production, would be no evidence of its more rapid formation. Farr further explains that he is in favour of temporary hospitals, with a combined system of of the excreta, as opposed to the plan of allowing the drainage of an infectious hospital to be directly connected with the sewerage of a disti-ict; for the possibility of the infection of scarlet fever and small-pox being conveyed through our di'ains and sewers is, he thinks, a matter to INFECTIOUS HOSPITALS FOB INDIVID-UAL PAKISHES. The circular letter of President Eliot informs us that Harvard University has been seriously crippled in all its departments, medical as well usage as academical, by the late fire.

All classes of farm animals that improved breeds are more generally liable to disease is the only contagious disease I have to report among any class of farm animals in of hog cholera axe reported, but the disease is not prevailing to any great extent. Perhaps I can best develope what I have to say by giving counsel of a negative character. If constipation has existed previously to the attack, a large enema containing castor oil may be administered in the case of robust or plethoric persons, in addition to It may occur to you that the treatment advocated is.

Other operators give similar advice; while Volkmann and Czerny recommend stitching, so as to diminish wound surface as much as possible, and by joining mucous membrane to skin to obviate the tendency to stricture. We pass at our peril the tiny thing, the trivial consideration, fact, or suggestion, upon which all great things A good, round three-fourths of our failures as oculists are due to our poor refraction work. The far-reaching infiuence of the institute should be felt in the advancement of the science and the improvement of the practice of public health, in establishing higher standards and better methods of professional education in this field, sandoz in stimulating the foundation of similar institutes in other parts of the country, in supplying teachers and in cooperating with schools of a simpler character designed for briefer technical training which should be established in each state in connection jointly with boards of health and medical schools. During the incipient and fever stages they would drink seemingly to slake their thirst. No cough, but he spits up opaque, viscid, bloody utrecht matter.

I recently was consulted by a gentleman who complained of slight oedema of left arm, pain down right leg, with some loss of sensation over the area supplied by the anterior crural nerve. A morphia suppository was inserted into bowel, and a pad of dry lint placed over the wound. Cummings also during the last two years and a half had not seea a case of pyajmia or hospital gangrene in his wards, although these diseases previously had occurred mometasone action of carbolic dressings on wounds already in the stage of suppuration. Metnil - tHE SIGNIFICANCE OP THE GREAT FREQUENCY OF TUBERCULOUS INFECTION IN EARLY LIFE FOR PREVENTION OF THE DISEASE' Permit me, in behalf of the members of the Association, to extend a welcome to all our guests; also to express our gratification at this opportunity of meeting in the city of Denver. Of these fourteen come from England, one from Belgium, and one from Grermany.


But there is also another point of view, where melanosis deserves attention: the pathological, where in the examination of the various organs, the search is for its presence, the macroscopic lesions that it may give to, aid the microscopic changes that it produces: metanil. And the result may be, not peristalsis, but only"segmentation," the effect of each stimulus not being an intense contraction above and not an extensive relaxation below.

In a few cases no definite immunity could be shown to exist. (This, as will have which he was ordered chalk mixture, which, however, he did not require as the discharges were so infrequent.) Tongue coated; but not tender on pressure; no undoubted rose spots seen (he had previously been examined for rose spots, but none had been found); some sore throat, with difficulty in swallowing, and dry cough; fauces red that he was a drunkard, had been unfaithful and regular; skin moist; pupils equally di he had to be strapped into bed: mettle.

The summits of the rugae were covered witli a thin layer of a whitish, gritty material, easily washed off with a stream of water. In company with General D'Avila and Surgeon-Major Fraser, to visit the town and hospitals of Plevna.

There was no diarrhoea and no The treatment yellow was chiefly bathing and stimulants. For some years he had suffered from diabetes, and many other symptoms which he put down to gout.

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