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Calcium Reactors

Kalkreaktors (calcium reactors) automatically maintain calcium levels above 400ppm and alkalinity levels in excess of 4meq/l (12dKH) without alternate supplementation. To find out more about what a kalkreaktor does and how it works, click here.

Korallin Calcium Reactors:

  • Kalkreaktor body w/ integrated Bubble Counter and all necessary parts, valves and attachments.
  • Eheim Pump w/ 24-month warranty.
  • Airline Tubing w/ elbow attachments.
 Detailed info for Korallin Reactors
C1501 $390.00
C3001 $579.00
C4001 $698.00
"...with the KORALLIN Kalkreaktor, I'm finding my pH remains slightly higher as no excess CO2 is entering my aquarium, there is no heat or noise associated with the Eheim pump, and energy consumption is extremely low. Add to that its extremely small footprint and it makes for a unit that is probably impossible to beat in features and price"
Bob Goemans, Ph.D, author and consultant

Accessories Required:

  • CO2 regulator
  • Needle valve
  • CO2 Cylinder (w/ Cylinder Valve)
  • CaCO3 Media
  • pH & Alkalinity Test Kits
  • CO2 solenoid (optional)