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Water Pumps

The main pump in the system is generally used to return water to the display aquarium from the sump. If a powerful pump is used for this purpose, the need for accessory pumps or other means of water motion is less. A rule of thumb for total water flow from all sources is 10..20 times the tank volume per hour. A couple of considerations when choosing a pump:
  • The capacity of the pump must not exceed the capacity of the overflow otherwise a wet floor may ensue.
  • Instead of choosing one large pump, consider two smaller pumps in parallel - this gives redundancy in case of failure.
  • External pumps have the advantage of not being an obstruction within the aquarium and not contributing as much heat to the water as submersible powerheads.

Pondmaster PM3600 3600 951 $178.00
Pondmaster PM4200 4200 1110 $195.00
Uno UNO 3720 983 $290.00