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BLV 10,000K Metal Halide Lamps

All of our 10,000K Metal Halide lamps are designed and manufactured by BLV-lamps in their plant at Steinhöring near Munich, Germany. BLV lamps are amongst the highest quality 10,000K lamps available for the reef aquarium.

These lamps have been advertised in the USA as either German or USHIO lamps and have gained an excellent reputation in the reef community (compare with Coralife/Venture or Sylvania/Osram lamps).

Note: These lamps should be used in enclosed fixtures.

Type: Watts: Reg.Price: Sale Price: Quantity:
SE 175W $192.00 $163.00
SE 400W $298.00 $253.00
SE 1000W $535.00 $454.00
DE 150W $175.00 $148.00
DE 250W $253.00 $215.00

Note: 'SE' denotes single ended and 'DE' denontes double ended lamps.