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About Us

Reef Online is a direct internet based retailer providing world's best products to the advanced reef hobbyist. Too often advanced equipment is either unavailable in Australia or costs two to three times the price expected in the U.S. or Europe.

Our aim is to help the Australian reef scene become as vibrant and successful as its U.S. or German counterparts by providing world class equipment at an affordable price.  We have established a direct trading relationship with many overseas manufactures, and as a consequence we are able to bring you products at previously unheard of prices.  Our initial stock list is modest, but in the coming months we hope to expand our range to include Salifert, ESV, Microcosm books, etc.

We do not view our competition as the Local Fish Shops. We hope customers will support their LFS as much as they are able. We are directly competing against amazon.com and electrical wholesalers.

Physically, we are located at:

24 Davey Street, East Geelong. Vic, 3219